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I love providing meaningful items for special occasions and everyday use.

Welcome to Ara Designs.  I have recently started selling laser-engraved pieces full time and it has been a blast.  It's quite different from my last line of work, doing nuclear chemistry research, but I love learning, and the challenge of a new career has been a great driving force.

I started off selling hand-stamped garden tags and jewelry on Etsy.  I loved offering personalized items, making each product unique, but I'm a perfectionist, so I moved on to laser engraving, a method that still gives me the freedom to create unique products without sacrificing the precision I desire.

My goal is to provide people with meaningful items that have been artfully designed and executed in a meticulous and precise manner, so you get best of both worlds ... professional quality items and the creative design and personalization that makes an item unique and truly yours.

Here's a secret ... I am fond of all things whimsical, cute, and fun.  I sometimes feel I have to suppress this side of me to get across my dedication and competence; and I guess it doesn't particularly shine through as a Ph.D. Chemist.  I'm also fond of minimal, high-quality design. 

All my items are laser-engraved in Holland, Michigan.

Ara Designs is a one-person show at the moment, but we'll see how quickly that changes.


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